AR Business Card

Feeling bored when receiving and sending numerous conventional business cards? 😣 Wanna try to receive and send cutting-edge business cards with the latest AR technology? 🤩 Now we introduce the unique AR business card to you. 👏
Also, you can apply for D-Biz subsidy by HKPC if your company is based in HK. 🤑
Additionally, we are the #soleproduct in Hong Kong so that you can just get and submit our quotation to HKPC when applying D-Biz ONLY! 🥳
Please check the photo for details!
Contact us if you are interested!
Our name as a service provider in HKPC: ConnectAR Limited
Our code as a service provider in HKPC: SP-554-480
We are in category #1,3,4,9

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